Thursday, August 31, 2006

Steve Poltz w/ Jeff Berkely in Sacramento, Feb. 2004

Steve Poltz w/ Jeff Berkely in Sacramento, February 2004

Steve Poltz is now touring again. Check him out. Jeff sings with Berkely Hart, and I also heart them hard.

Van Gogh Vodka Collection, August 2006

0608 087

Black Stockings & Mary Janes, February 2006

Black Stockings and Mary Janes

Apparently, Flickr thinks this is my most interesting picture, so it is seemingly appropriate to put in a blog of my best photography right?

Japanese Camp, Burning Man 2005

Japanese Camp at Burning Man 2005

In honor of my friends driving on to the playa for the first time today, I give you the Tori gate.

Big Bertha in Beta, June 2006

0606 146

Read all about Michael Leeds & Bertha Here. You can also see pictures of her in her current purple glory. I have watched him work on her around the corner from my house for over 3 years. I love her and she is beautiful.

Christian Scientist Intl Headquarters, August 2006

Christian Scientist International Headquarters in Boston

Boston, MA