Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ryan Adams - Preview

There is nothing fucking sexier than a guy who knows how to really hold a guitar.

Oh Ryan. I will have to wait to truly gush on you and my pictures, but I seriously licked the screen of my camera. More than once. They heard that we were coming and put up an extra barrier. I want to have his Rick Moranis look alike babies. Do me, you diet coke addicted freak. He is so damn fucking sexy and goofy I just can't fucking stand it.

RA 405

And Neal Casal, jesus. Can I just say that I wouldn't kick this out of bed either? What is up with the stoopid sexy smart boys? He likes pictures and smiles cute.

RA 082

And just because we need just one more shot of him before bed...

RA 387

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sites in San Francisco

0801 372

0801 371

Packed Cable cars and steamy vents....A Saturday Morning in San Francisco.

One of the Finest Streets Clocks in America

0801 374

0801 376

0801 375

The unassuming clock sitting on Market street is actually a pretty important clock.

Art Show in Union Square

0801 250

The lady at the top, watching it all.

0801 251

I stumbled upon an art show in Union Square.

0801 261


0801 264

I've seen this guy's work before, this time I was smart enough to remember to take a picture to remember his style.

0801 269

I liked this ladies work a lot. It was very abstract poses of mostly nudes. Incredible.

0801 274

And just a block away...more!

Street to Sky San Francisco

Shadow in SF

From Below

SF Skyline

From Above

Yerba Buena Gardens Carousel

$3.00 for 2 rides. I love carousels. I think the beautiful painted animals are incredible, and I used to obsessively beg to ride them as a child. This one was fairly empty on the early Saturday morning as the operator juggled in his spare time and other kids pointed in awe.




Carousel Carousel

Carousel Carousel

Carousel Carousel

Stencils in the Mission

0801 523

I'm not a big fan of stencil ads, but there were so few in the Mission at all, perhaps due to pending sidewalk construction everywhere, that I snapped all I could.

0801 522

I like the person that keeps doing these. This is the third or fourth I've found. I can never figure out completely what they say, but yeah. Neat.

0801 521

You go girl.

0801 514 0801 513

So is the picnic before or after the murdering?

0801 506

There was even this cheater stencil, advertising the lame comeback movie.

Trolley Car Turnaround, Powell & Mason

Trolley Car on Powell

Trolley Car Turnaround @ Powell and Mason

Trolley Car Turnaround @ Powell and Mason

Trolley Car Turnaround @ Powell and Mason

0801 382

I had never seen this before, and it took place dozens of times a day right outside my hotel this whole past week, as tourists lined up to ride and gawk. Neat.

MLK Memorial Fountain, Yerba Buena Gardens, SF

It was not an intended destination, but a well timed one. As you walk through the fountain, the noise of the crashing water blocks everything else out. I made myself stop and pause at each quote and contemplate the past. I am proud to live in a world that Martin Luther King Jr. did. I am glad that this place exists, that parents walked their children, and couples toured toured through.

MLK Memorial Fountain

MLK Memorial Fountain

MLK Memorial Fountain

MLK Memorial Fountain

MLK Memorial Fountain

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Union Square from the Top of Macy's

View from the Top of Macy's

Day to Night, San Francisco


Sunrise in SF


Sunset in the City

Sunday, January 20, 2008