Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ryan Adams - Preview

There is nothing fucking sexier than a guy who knows how to really hold a guitar.

Oh Ryan. I will have to wait to truly gush on you and my pictures, but I seriously licked the screen of my camera. More than once. They heard that we were coming and put up an extra barrier. I want to have his Rick Moranis look alike babies. Do me, you diet coke addicted freak. He is so damn fucking sexy and goofy I just can't fucking stand it.

RA 405

And Neal Casal, jesus. Can I just say that I wouldn't kick this out of bed either? What is up with the stoopid sexy smart boys? He likes pictures and smiles cute.

RA 082

And just because we need just one more shot of him before bed...

RA 387

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