Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Roadtrip Pics: 1300 Miles in 4 Days

Santa Cruz - Santa Ana -
Julian - Escondido -
Oceanside - Escondido - Pala - Escondido -
Julian - Seacliff - Santa Cruz

Lake Henshaw Lake Henshaw

I loved the "Cow Beach" and "Like Moo" cracked me up on this entrance to the lake.

Lake Henshaw Lake Henshaw

The Lake was so dry compared to last time.

Turkeys! Turkeys!

Then I saw turkeys! There were at least ten of them just walking along.

Escondido Sunset Escondido Sunset

The sunset on Saturday was beautiful.

Oceanside Harbor
We spent Sunday afternoon tooling around the coast of Oceanside.

Road Tripper! Lake Henshaw

Time to head home...and by the lake again.

Seacliff, CA Me in Seacliff

Seacliff, CA Mmm Gorillapod

But it's not a trip to San Diego without a stop on the 101 at Seacliff.

It's good to be home!

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