Thursday, October 11, 2007

Burning Man 2007 Decompression

SF Decompression 2007 SF Decompression 2007


Decompression met my expectations. I dressed up, trekked up to the city in the afternoon and rubbed elbows with burners and wannabes alike. It's not been historically an event I care for much, but this year being heartfelt in my desire to get more involved, this wasn't a chance I could pass up to submerge. It's a small area where all the people that didn't make it to Burning Man pack in to see a small amount of art and dance in front of one of a few small stages with competing music packed in with other fur covered freaks. It is a bit heavy on the things I don't like, a tad boring for me, and filled with a bunch of people who could care less about Burning Man. I went to volunteer, and ended up planting seeds and introducing myself to a couple people. At a minimum, there is an event marked on my calendar, pictures in my flickr account and an afternoon in the city instead of sitting on my couch. I likely would have enjoyed it more in different shoes and without a 2 hour drive and work the next day, but it only cost me a few hours and a few bucks in gas, and I was home by 10pm.

SF Decompression 2007 SF Decompression 2007

This was just neat. I mean, I know the real world has DPW too, but to see it on a cover at Decompression was neat. A huge chunk of DPW was there to party after just completing the clean up. We were green!

SF Decompression 2007 SF Decompression 2007

The Monkeys were there. This is the best video of it in action at BRC. I mean really, Peter Hudson is a god when it comes to Zoetropes. It was neat to see it at Decompression too. You have to beat the drums in a certain rhythm to get it going. It broke a ton of times out on the playa. But we visited it early in the week when it had the best music going and was in full action. If you were in outer playa at all at night, you could hear "Are the monkeys this way" from every direction. Certainly one of the big points of the year, I can't wait to see what he does next year.

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SF Decompression 2007

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