Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday Sights

It's time for another installment of "bike about" photography...

It is freaking gorgeous today, and I was out of here and on to West Cliff to enjoy the sun as quick as I could after seeing the sun shine in my blinds this morning. I thought it was supposed to rain, but instead, it was a perfect morning for some exercise and picture time.

Breakfast at the Farmer's Market
IMG_0315 IMG_0319
I needed strawberries for tonight and since it was only a bit further than I normally ride, I trekked out with the Westside Farmer's Market in mind and got there right about 12:30 to get just what I needed, even if I had to "settle" for a chocolate scone instead of Strawberry. Let me tell you, last spring, I went to the Sunday Live Oak market *just* for Gabriella's strawberry scones. They are back tomorrow, and I will likely be too. It's windy today, everyone was holding on to not fly away! I took pictures of 5 vendors using themselves as anchors. I picked up some flowers for the alter tonight, "Cosmos" for my cosmo girls, and "Sweet Peas" because that's representative of my relationship with my mother, which I would love to heal. I also got some sunflower sprouts from the sprout lady and my usual bag of mixed greens from Happy Boy Farms and packed up my basket and headed back down to the coast.

Coastal Prettiness
IMG_0310 IMG_0368
I can take a million pictures of this ride, and yet, it never for me shows the absolute beauty. There is a flickr group I am a part of called "wave porn" and it was the first time I thought of the coast as erotic. But since then, I see it every time. The way the waves curve, the water glistens, the marks in the stone along the cliffs showing every touch over time...all of it just takes my breath away. It is sensory heaven because from the sounds to the smells of all the textures and tingles you just feel embraced by Mother Earth. I have never been an outdoorsy girl, but there is something cathartic about getting on my bike and travelling down that paved path that heals me and nothing else matters.

Cuteness break
IMG_0327 IMG_0390
Yup, the lady was walking her pig. But then, wait, the pig was out cute'd. No seriously, the first puppy was cute, but then the darker one came up and just wanted to play and bark and play, I about fell over. Then a third dog came and they just had a spontaneous playdate right there in front of the lighthouse. They put on an incredible show for everyone and I just couldn't help myself but to click away without trying to seem too obtrusive. They were a definite distraction from the incredible surfing going on today.

IMG_0389 IMG_0365
IMG_0372 IMG_0354
All these better bigger! I actually got some great shots today, the surf was definitely overhead on most sets and I jumped the rail to get some great action shots. I still want a camera with better zoom. That is the one thing I am still sad about this camera. (3x). The guys and gals were rocking it, and actually on my first pass by, there weren't a ton of people out there so people were getting lots of action. I just seemed to miss the "great" shot every time, but I still think I got a couple that are better than any of the others I have tried to take before. This was also the first incident of the day that continuedthe whole social interaction test theme going on in my life lately. (There will have to be a follow up unrelated post about the guy on the bench from yesterday that started this.) This huge group of tourists ended up talking to me about my gorillapod, then we ended up talking cameras, (all deciding yay canon) and then some other old lady started talking to us after overhearing. It was pretty funny, but everyone was really nice.

Skate/Bike Park
IMG_0405 IMG_0417
So did the skater's move? I think they moved? I don't know. I got a great shot of the boys crouched under one of the risers all getting high too. At least I would guess from their hiding and the smell, but it was neat to watch them fly around for a bit on my way home.

Train Time
IMG_0432 IMG_0438
IMG_0451 IMG_0446
And then the train came by while I was taking pictures of the tressel, which was neat. I really like the train tracks.

IMG_0454 IMG_0352
I'm a dork.

Santa Cruz Staples
IMG_0428 IMG_0429
Mmmm food and surf.

San Lorenzo Park
IMG_0475 IMG_0457
These ducks were great, and 2 even started fighting. I love watching little kids with ducks. I bought strawberries at the Saturday market in this park from 2 different vendors just in case one was better.

Ha. Old people. Okay, no really, again, someone stopped and started talking to me about pictures and cameras. This lady walked up and said something about how my camera reminded her of this camera that made her take all her pictures crooked, and walked away saying something about the world's drunk. She was really cute, but again, I just never have people start talking to me and it's been a social 2 days.

Bluegrass Festival
IMG_0467 IMG_0464
IMG_0459 IMG_0465
Just a random free event with people kicking in the park, it was neat to stop and relax and catch my breath before the last leg home.

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