Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Willie Nelson, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz May 2007


I am not someone who considers herself easily star struck, yet last night, as this man stood steps from me, I shivered as tears rolled down my face. I screamed into the phone "Oh my god Dad, HE'S RIGHT THERE!" and jumped up and down like a teenager at a boy band concert and belted lyrics out at the top of my lungs. His smile reminds me of my dad, and his soft flirty winks and waves to the women near me show a profound gentleness that is stunning. He has the aura of an angel, and the way he plays and sings, flawless. He ties bandana after bandana around the neck of his worn and broken guitar, wearing them a short time before sending them into the crowd and then catching ones from the crowd to wear as well. Willie worked everything from the black hat to the purple boa, and blushed when he pocketed the pink panties he picked from the floor. I found myself squeeling, giggling, hand over my mouth in the middle of ballads, shocked that this was something that was actually happening to me. While he may not have played Mendecino County Line for my dad or the family theme song On the Road Again but let me tell you, opening and closing with Whisky River has that song burned into my heart for eternity. My only regret was that my dad wasn't belting out the words right next to me.

Life list folks. 70 of the best dollars I have spent in years.

I also took some of the best pictures of my life. I took about 150, but these are the best of the bunch, and I couldn't even pick 10 to post, so I had to fight with myself over the one...so look at 'em, cause I am really proud of them! I picked this one because of the smile, and every thought back to it makes me grin.

Check out the entire photo set here.

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