Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Austin, Texas: The Art, May 2007

I fell in love with this massive fountain on the UT campus:
IMG_1318 Pretty Fountain

Then there was the museums where I saw amazing things from the 1920's, the Gutenburg Bible and even a signed copy of the 19th amendment.
IMG_1315 IMG_1309

These glitter paintings were incredible, and strangely, in Starbucks:

Yay Art Glass:
IMG_1720 Art Glass

I'm currently really taken by sculptures:
IMG_1324 IMG_1327

IMG_1584 IMG_1750

But my love for murals hasn't subsided:

IMG_1664 Mural, Austin Texas

And there were some incredible store fronts as well:
IMG_1599 IMG_1602

South Congress, Austin Texas South Congress, Austin Texas

But graffiti and stencils are still my favorite:
IMG_1586 IMG_1600

IMG_1597 Next to Torchy's Tacos Austin Texas

Stencil in Austin! Stencil in Austin!

1st St. Bridge, Austin Texas Stencil, 1st St. Bridge, Austin Texas

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