Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Austin, Texas May 2007: The Music

The Music:

It started with Steve, but in Austin, the Live Music Capitol of the US, there is no shortages of gigs and venues to stumble unto musicians.

First, it was a surprise brunch at Opal Divine's for 1/2 of the Popstar's weekly performance, and I took in all that Matt the Electrician and Michael Fracasso had to give me...

Popstars at Opal Divine's Popstars at Opal Divine's

Later that night, we caught The Resentments at the Saxon Pub and where I discovered my future husband, Bruce Hughes.

IMG_1671 The Saxon Pub

The Resentments, Saxon Pub. Bruce Hughes

On my last night there, we saw Matt the Electrician play his last Monday opening for Bob Schneider, and then stayed for a couple of Bob's songs before attempting to see David Garza, who was actually out with some throat node stuff for the entire month. Matt's so cute. True Story.

IMG_1672 IMG_1624

IMG_1632 IMG_1692

Then there are just great venues like the Continental Club and Antone's that deserve documenting:
The Continental Club, Austin Texas The Continental Club, Austin Texas


So much music...so little time.

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