Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Project 30: Lola the Ipod

Task 1/30 Purchasing an Ipod
Complete: December 1, 2007

Lola the Ipod

LalalalaLOLA, LalalaLOLA... Damn I love that song. I've always thought I would name my daughter Lola, but just like Bella, we've had to just go ahead and stop reserving the names and use them for things I care about. Like my beautiful baby girl Lola, the new black 80GB Ipod Classic. (Lola the song is also frequently covered by Steve Poltz and the name of his cherry red Taylor guitar. Since almost 1/2 of my baby will end up being Poltz filled, I thought it very fitting.) Right now, we are up to about 13GB with a huge stack of CD's to still go through before we even get to most of the live stuff I have laying around, anticipating falling in around 30-40GB when I am done ripping. I love her so much. We now find car trips and our longer commute so much more entertaining when switching from Annie to Outkast with the push of a button. I love my music so much. I know that it's been so much lower priority than my camera in the past, but I am just not sure how I ever lived without this wonderful storage device for all my beloved tunes. I am ecstatic that the piles of cases that have been hidden away for years have now resurfaced and exposed me again to their wonderful amazing sounds. It works out well that majority of my CD collection is greatest hits albums and soundtracks, so it's like having a an endless supply of singles. I definitely have a variety of tastes in music. I wonder what the first person who looks through my Ipod will say when they see multiple albums by Garth Brooks, Jimmy Buffett and then random rap and hip hop mixed in. I love it. Love it. I love my Miss Lola and she and my camera are now fast buddies in my purse going everywhere with me. It's awesome. I'm so very glad that I now have this.

One thing down...29 more to go!

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