Sunday, December 16, 2007

Project 30: Spice Girls in Las Vegas

Task 3/30: See a show in Las Vegas.
Complete: December 8, 2007

Absolut Ad, Luxor, Las Vegas

Yay! Vegas! It was off to Vegas for 36 hours of fun highlighted by the Spice Girls reunion concert. It was truly one of the most amusing and terrifying flights ever as we thought the plane was going to fall apart and the couple in front of us got into it with the flight attendant and almost had the air marshall called. I was so happy to just be off the plane and in Vegas, but was full of amusing stories much funnier in hind sight. When we got there, it turns out it was fight weekend, rodeo weekend and then for some undiagnosed reason, full of singing rugby players. It was such a strange mix as the casinos played 50% country music and cowboy hats and wranglers were easily spotted within arms distance everywhere you went. Cute boys with accents sung out from every corner of every casino and everyone was shoving boxing shirts down your throat.

The Red Square, Mandalay Bay First Night in Vegas Baby!

We grabbed some food and freshened up in our room to get a true Vegas post-midnight start. The highlight of the evening was my only true Vegas must, cocktails at the Red Square in Mandalay Bay, the fault of my vodka obsession and a beautiful room to relax in elegance. I got to taste the Pomegranate Van Gogh I had been lusting after, and tried a delicious Raspberry lemon drop martini, and we stylishly took in the people around us. We roamed around some more, but bad shoe choices and long work days had us off to our rooms at 3am to recharge for the next night and our true mission.

On the Strip, Las Vegas New York, New York, Las Vegas

Bellagio Water Show, Las Vegas

After we slept and prepped, we headed out of our temporary home at the New York, New York to get some food and go shopping before the big show. I got to eat at my very first luxury buffett at the Mandalay Bay and then we strolled past the Bellagio water show where I got to see a whole one, rather than the tail end seconds in all my previous trips. The water gets so high and it's just amazing to gather around with tons of other people and enjoy it. We pondered what qualifications it takes to be the designer of such shows and what a sweet job it would be. I just want to push the on button once.

M&M World Las Vegas M&M World Las Vegas

We went to M&M World! Now really, there should be more rides in there it is so big. At 4 floors, it blew us all away and we tromped through gazing at the collections of things that it was a marvel that people found need for. There was even a neat dizzy tunnel, and a 3d movie. It was all a bit much for me, and children everywhere, but neat none the less. We did some shopping at Caesar's and the mall at Planet Hollywood and got dressed up in all our new goodies and headed out to the show. The crowd control aspect was unspeakable and I tried to breathe and not punch someone that was invading my space. I had left my camera behind because I was told too on the tickets and ended up being crushed that I had no pictures of my own to show. The girls in front of us passed the time prior to the start of the show by taking camera phone pictures of their bloody new nape piercings and sending them to their friends. I was really grossed out. People watching was it's own adventure as little tiny spice girl clones ran about everywhere screeching and bouncing to the music, including an adorable set of of drag queens.


When the 5 ladies took the stage, the house came down and it was a great show complete with handfuls of set and costume changes, ten male dancers and glitter exploding from the ceiling at the end. I had so much fun after 90 minutes of pop fabulousness, I felt satisfied with my adventure. They rocked their solos and the old hits and flew around the stage with flair. I did not leave disappointed. (...and heir final screen left me amused!) See all my Vegas pictures here. Yay Vegas!

2100449481_4be972dc72 3 down...27 to go!

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