Sunday, March 11, 2007

Big News for Snapped in Sin!

*I hit 35,000 views last night on Flickr, which was 3k in the last 4 weeks. 1k up from the 2k the month before. I know my volume has increased, but I am also working the groups and the tags a little better, and people are actually commenting on and liking my pictures. It's really encouraging, much like selling art.

*As an EXTRA bonus, I have 2 pictures in "Explore" right now. Meaning out of all the pictures taken that particular day my photo was taken (not uploaded), I have a picture that is in the top 500 "most interesting" pictures by Flickr's formula. I've actually read a bit about their formula and I think it's very cool, much like google's secret popularity stuff. Anyway, this is basically my legs being really interesting and I am going to revel in it. That has only happened once before when my temple burn pic from burning man showed up. I mean, duh about they are fetishy and hot, but the pictures that make it to Explore aren't exactly racy, and are really fucking amazing. I checked for the March 2006 one and realized that I am in some pretty amazing company with sky shots of the golden gate and foreign street kids. I actually think these are *nice* shots and I am proud that they are up there.

me in pink socks Socks 'n Stirrups

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