Sunday, March 11, 2007

Summer in the City, March 2007




Somewhere under the rainbow in the city is the place where the ecclectic mix of San Francisco locals crawl out of their dark bedrooms and into the sunlit back porch of Zeitgeist. Filled with wooden picnic tables stuck in gravel and a cook who yells out back over an incredible music selection you find paradise and comfort in literally one of the coolest places I have ever walked into. Today was summer in the city and it was heavenly and mind altering to be lost in this place, surrounded by such an amazing mix of people, warm Pitchers poured fast but can't be counted next to the bloody mary's and I could only sit back and smile. For a girl who hated this town so short a time ago, she is slowly coming out of her shell and spending much more time up there. I could shoot street art, altered signs and murals for months of weekends and still be in love with every out of the ordinary store front. There is something about that city drawing me in, consuming me and today I couldn't smile more. This is my life, this is my love and my city and I am so blessed to spend Sunday afternoons driving the great highway, sunroof down, belting lyrics and being stuck in traffic next to this:


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