Saturday, March 31, 2007

News Time!

Woohoo...We are up to over 40K views on pictures at Flickr. That means 5k since my March 11 post about views! I could get 1,000 this week and that would be double the month before. That's freaking crazy. YAY! Okay, it helps that at one point this week I had 3 socks pictures in explore. I love my socks. If I didn't love them so much, it would be a little creepy, but they are just so...FUN! I'm also *really* proud of some of the corset shots and know I am going to have to play more with perspective stuff and put the gorilla pod on my head w/ the timer more. That was neat. I'm excited. I know I should be painting more too, but I just can't stop wanting to take pictures. In fact...if you add it up that is 10k views since the middle of January, and I only had 30 in the 13 months before. Yay. I'm such a whore.

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