Monday, September 17, 2007

Burning Man 2007: Where on the Playa is Jesus?

Since I'm not quite ready to talk about my time in the dusty world from which I have crawled out of, I'll go ahead and tell you about my friend Jesus. As many of you know, I camped with a theme camp this year who had an art installation project and thanks to that, we got pre-placement and I was able to receive off-playa mail during my stay. This turned out to be a lifesaver in many ways, and was a fun part of our daily camp experience. Our first mail delivery came on Tuesday, and what a delivery it was! Not only did I get a rockin' postcard from thegoodreverend he sent me from Laughlin, but he snuck Jesus in, and well, he became a full member of We Come in Pieces 2007. We had a blast, and my campmates loved him. He became quite the group project.

Jesus hitches a ride on my Camelbak

"Hi Tori! I hope you're having a great time! My friend Jesus here wanted to go to Burning Man, but couldn't get a ride, so I told him I'd send him with you. Please, if you're willing/able, take him on a few adventures, and take a few pictures with him so I know he's having a good time too. His adventures can be fun, serious, crazy, sexy or anything in between."

So off we went...

Jesus at the Oil Derrick

We didn't get far the first day, Jesus had to set up his tent and stuff, but he heard they were going to blow up 800 gallons of propane later in the week and wanted to check out the structure before it was toast, so we road out to the playa to get a glimpse. It was awesome and he couldn't stop talking about how excited he was for Friday night. Even though they didn't end up blowing it until Saturday after the man burn, it was by far one of the highlight pieces and events of the year.

Jesus and the sunset

After setting up camp, Jesus checked out the sunset and called it an early night.

Me & Jesus Jesus with the Neighbor

It was kiss o'clock on the sun dial, so Jesus pecked my cheek and then made friends with a neighbor.

Jesus checks the mail Jesus and his morning coffee

Jesus thought some friends might be sending him mail now, so first thing when he got up, he went to check the mailbox and then grabbed a cup of coffee while we figured out our agenda.

Jesus gets ready for a night out Jesus plays with the e ball

Jesus had some suggestions for some nighttime activities.

Jesus with Postman 2 Jesus with Postman 3

Jesus loved the postmen. Every day, he took the delivery and posed with our new friends while they hung out with us.

Jesus with the Sun Dial at Laugh O'Clock Jesus poses with the camp sign

Jesus was definitely the jokester of the camp. His favorite time of day was laugh o'clock and gave our camp sign 2 thumbs up.

Jesus in a dust storm

Jesus was lucky he was low to the ground in the dust storm. We were all a bit bitter he decided to dance in the street while we held the shade structure together. Jesus w/ the 4:30 plaza theme camp map

Jesus was bummed he didn't make it to more of our neighbor camps, but did at least get a chance to visit the plaza around the corner with us one day.

Jesus and his new friends IMG_5560

Jesus and the Passion Pig Jesus and Sumo pose for a quick shot at Playa info

He did make some friends a little more his style though, so that was neat.

Jesus at the Big Rig Jig Jesus and some neat art

The Big Rig Jig was another monumental project this year and both of us loved the second piece immensely.

Jesus goes to the Critical Tits afterparty Jesus makes friends at Playa info

Jesus worked the party, but didn't really make any friends there. He did find these nice girls at Playa info he was trying to work on though.

IMG_4815 Jesus at the top of the Tree House

We did a bit more riding around the playa and checked out some more art, and even went up in the treehouse.

Jesus @ Salon Soleil while we charge camera batteries Jesus @ Burning Man Stickers

It was a hot day though, so we swung by Salon Soleil to chill in their shade and charge our camera batteries. We lucked out and got these great stickers too.

Jesus at the Temple of Forgiveness Jesus has some Sinful Wine!

We went to the temple, and it was a hard day, so Jesus kicked back with some wine.

Jesus spreads the word!

Jesus dug this sign a lot. This is one of his favorite brc principles.

Jesus at the Man the day after the Burn Jesus shows off his souvenir from the man

Jesus had a blast at the burn and woke up the next morning to visit the ashes and posed with a screw leftover.

Jesus and new friends from Switzerland Jesus gets his first Playa gift! Jesus gets Playa-fied in his fur "Man" Coat

When we came back to camp that day, Jesus made new friends from Switzerland that gave him his very first playa gift, a burning man fur costume.

Jesus at Beer O'Clock Jesus kicks it on the seat

Jesus kicked back with a beer before his bike ride. No sense in getting one of those "Swig and Swerve" Bike DUI's they were rumoring out there!

Jesus takes a trip to the Porta Potties Jesus loves you!

To finish the day, Jesus had to relieve himself in the lovely Porta-potties and found some art dedicated to him! Jesus and I had a great Burn. He was a good friend and never bitched about where I wanted to go, and never was bummed when we called it an early night. Turns out Jesus has had his share of big fire and loud music too, and isn't the best dancer so didn't want to embarass himself at the sound camps. The only places Jesus didn't do really well were the Temple and the place of idols in open playa. Since there were many people there with many different beliefs in very vulnerable states, we decided it was best he waited and guarded the bikes. He didn't mind since he still got his picture with David Best's masterpiece and got to see the beautiful statues carved and set for worship in the sand. He strongly believes in respect and the community principle and wanted to make sure he abided. So we're back...and not sure if next year we will go home again, but still consider it home. More about my adventures as they thaw from my brain. Thank you so much Mike...It really meant a lot to me. There are many more pictures floating about from my campmates and various visitors that I will try and add to the collection as I get them.

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