Friday, November 02, 2007

My Fish is Still Alive!

He's at least 3 years old now!

He's at least 3 years old. Probably a bit over 3 now actually since I think I got him in summer of 2004. He has survived a small tank to a big tank to a small tank back to this one, and a whole lot of neglect along the way. He keeps growing now that I have been taking care of him the last 6 months. He even has tetras that have made it more than a month in there with him. We're not holding out hope for the little guys, but they sure drive Bella nuts darting all over the tank where she can't get them. Anyway, this guy is gorgeous. Even if he does spend all his time grossing up my tank, he is still a pretty fish who is persistent in his will to be in my life and doesn't ask for much more than an algae wafer or two every night and a clean filter every week. Other than that, he's pretty chill and I like him. He's big though. He kinda freaked out when she stayed with us I think. He definitely is big. 10 inches underneath from head to tip of his tail, and at least 2 inches across the wide part of his abdomen. His top fin has twelve rows of stripes counting up the the front of it, which is definitely more than the 10 I remember counting at some point a while ago, and he has had a bit of trouble with fin rot in the past too. It's funny to have all the little fish in there with him, the very giant big fish. He's neat. I love him.

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