Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Project 30: Cirque du Soleil

Task 9/30: Wildcard #2 - Kooza
Complete: February 28, 2008

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I know it sounds weird that someone who is such a theater and dance and performance buff hasn't seen one of these shows. To be honest, I'm not really a circus fan, and have my own personal boycott of gymnasts (and ice skaters) and so they really never appealed to me much. But alas, I've never been and got a chance to get a decent priced ticket, had some cash and splurged on a night out by myself.

It was okay I guess. A lot of clowns. I'm not big on clowns. I'm pretty impatient with theater, I'm picky. There were some wow moments, and some not so wow ones. 2 big stunts that made me cheer loud. I mean, I guess short, limber strong guys need purpose in life, but really, the juggling guy was so not impressive, the guy in the park does better and he's free. The staging blew me away, coming from theater, and being a bit bored with the actual show, I spent a lot of time looking behind the scenes, watching the transitions, the light guys and even still being surprised when something appeared massively before me without noticing. They have distraction down to an art in itself, and you never question the pacing of the show, except possibly an intermission a twinge too long. While I had a decent seat and I'm not complaining about the half price for where I sat, I still was happier when I moved closer into the back of the front section after intermission, but was bummed when some other lady moved in front of me, so it was a compromise. All in all, I guess I'm glad I went, it was neat. The general comment is "Now go see O" so that's probably what I'll do next time I can drag someone to Vegas to splurge on shows. (Maria?) Anyway, the show was good, I was entertained and it was an easy evening of entertainment, with little parking hassle and a quick trip over the hill.

Mission Complete!

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