Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Project 30: The Winchester Mystery House

Task 7/30: Wildcard #1 - Tour Winchester Mystery House
Complete: February 10, 2008

0802 799

A local attraction I've been curious about for a while, after I toured the Egyptian Museum a few weeks ago on a whim, I found myself in the parking lot down the way and ready to go inside the famed Winchester Mystery House, a significant thing I find myself saying "I should do that" about a couple times a year.

The tour is costly ($25), and my first reaction was to leave, but I knew I wouldn't ever come back again, so I pulled out a "wild card" and made it part of the project to justify a random house tour. I could instantly tell from the lobby/gift shop that I wasn't going to get the intricate obsessive building I had imagined. In fact, anyone who hasn't gone who imagines something cool...just stick with your imagination.

This was likely one of the cooler things, and it's outside, so you don't even have to pay for the idiotic tour.

0802 803

Don't get me wrong, our tour guide was great, feigning all the enthusiasm one can for a cuckoo rich chick. But it's not the massive construction black hole you'd think. There are some random staircases, and baby steps and pretty stained glass. It's definitely a giant, gorgeous house. But it's just an old victorian house. I took a lot of pictures, though they are really boring pictures of a house, so I'm going to spare you and just link to them.

$25...really? Okay, fine, whatever...Project Complete!

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