Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Project 30: Update, Check-in, New Blog

While I try to keep this to photos, I have been tracking the project here too, so there is news. I've updated my list, and created a new "home" to track just progress on this project, free of all the rest of the random projects I am working on. It makes it easier to have one place that the list lives, etc. You can still find the major updates in all the normal places, but now you can bookmark here for one place to follow everything, just in case you miss something! This also will help me make this grow into other projects like this or help link to other people doing similar types things. It's about inspiring yo. Anyway, here is the update and the progress 3 months in. We're dead on track to be be half done half way in, right about my birthday. It will definitely be something to celebrate I am sure.

Project 30 Official List -
Updated March 1, 2008, 3 Months After Kickoff

Purchase an Ipod - Complete
Visit Vegas & See a show (Spice Girls) - Complete
Whale Watching on Monterey Bay - Complete

Tour St. George's Spirits, Makers of Hangar One Vodka - Complete

See 'Wicked', the Broadway Musical - Complete
Ride a Mechanical Bull for Valentines Day - Complete
Multi-Course Dinner - AsiaSF - Complete
Winchester Mystery House - Wild Card - Complete
Kooza, Cirque Du Soleil Show - Wild Card - Complete

San Jose Sharks vs. St. Louis Blues Hockey Game - March 14
Elephant Seals during Mating Season at Ano Nuevo - March 16
Dance Lessons - Friday Night Waltz - March 21st

Broadway Show in NYC - April 5, 6 & 7
Tour Museums in DC - April 11 & 12

Berry Picking
Birthday Party Bar Crawl
Secret Stencil Mission

Train Ride Weekend to San Diego
Horseback Riding in Half Moon Bay

Baseball Game #1
Limo in Napa/Sonoma for Winetasting

Baseball Game #2
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Football Game

October & November:
Spa Day
Art Show at my House
& Any unfinished Business

Gun Shooting
B&W Nude Pictures

For use at my choosing at anytime I remember "Oh yeah, I wanted to do that" and want to count it towards the project. (I have removed the vodka cabinet & frames, since those are larger than the scope of the project and not as fitting, but have replaced them with wildcard and bday party.)

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