Thursday, September 04, 2008

Burning Man 2008 Art: Altered State by Kate Raudenbush, New York, NY

BM08 470 BM08 1378

A symbol of the United States Capitol becomes a mirage of mythical creatures fabricated of elaborately carved white steel. Each cut is rendered in the archetypical graphic style of Pacific Northwest Coast Indian imagery.

Stepping into a cage of white lace, the interior space vaults overhead, as a ladder of carved white swings descends from above. Eagle and feather imagery cover the walls. Together these elements suggest the set of an elaborate birdcage, placed ironically and symbolically within the framework of a colonialist political power symbol. Yet, as one ascends the swings, every platform reveals the wisdom of a different Indian Nation carved into the seats. This tangible union of opposites offers itself as a gathering space to ruminate on the origin of American "civilization" amidst the enduring dignity and vision of it's Native Peoples. A government building is transformed into an Altered State.

Contact: kateimages (at) earthlink (dot) net

BM08 471
Unknown Man inside Altered State

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