Thursday, September 04, 2008

Burning Man 2008 Art: Wake Up Call by Arthur Rudiak aka Distracto

Center Camp Art

"Wake Up Call" is a political piece that educates the public as to the impending destruction of our country through the totally corrupted and criminal political syndicate that now occupies our government. It utilizes both humor and REAL FACTS to "WAKE UP" those that continue to be asleep. "Wake Up Call" is split into two art projects. The main piece is a modified toilet with a sign attached to it, as well as two small rotating signs. The toilet is representative of the Electronic Voting Machines manufactured by Diebold and will have sound and lighting effects. Sound is low key as is the illumination. The piece will have an interactive part but is mostly visual. Burners will be able to cast their votes through the toilet handle. Project two is simply a STOP Sign with graffiti from the founding fathers on one side and a message for everyone on the other side. The STOP sign is 30 inches wide and attached to a post that stands about 8 feet tall.

Contact: rudar_rilas (at) yahoo (dot) com

Center Camp Art

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