Friday, September 05, 2008

Burning Man 2008 Art: Torii Gate Wind Chimes by Dave Keller

BM08 1125

A 9' Tori Gate made with 4 X 6 timbers has a carving of the Burning Man on the upper cross beam and a carving of Buddha eyes on the lower cross beam. Hanging from the lower beam is a 7' homemade wind chime along with two smaller wind chimes and two sets of flags, one set representing different religions of the world and the other depicting the word "Peace" in many languages. The piece also houses small carvings from Nepal and Peru and is lit at night with blue-green e-l wire.

This installation represents the hope for peaceful coexistence of all of the world's religions and it also shows the great freedom of art expression we have in this country; as we are allowed to create any art piece in the US without fear of arrest or persecution.

Contact: davekeller (at) micron (dot) com

Basura Sagrada & Torii Gate
With Basura Sagrada in Background

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