Thursday, September 04, 2008

Burning Man 2008 Art: The Curmudgeon - Front Portal art - by Michael Taluc

BM08 106

"The Curmudgeon" is a 30' tall arched tripod frame with red, orange and yellow stretched fabric wrapped around it. Together, these colors wave in the air and create a beautiful sunburst motif. This fabric hangs below the steel structure, about 15' to 22' off the ground, creating a giant, kinetic lantern shapes. The center of the mobile is composed of a tubular steel pyramid wrapped in red stretch fabric. The main frame of the structure is made of welded tubular steel trusses configured into a distinctive twisted shape which gives them great strength and interesting lines. These trusses are bolted together into a grand arching tripod that is screwed into the ground. Smaller outrigger trusses form triangles that provide more hanging points and legs for the mobile. Off each point of the pyramid hangs red fabric swatches which can move up to 45 degrees relative to each other, creating an undulating ceiling of red, 30' in diameter. Between the center pyramid and the outer panels are brilliant wedges of stretchy yellow fabric that hint of a giant sunburst. Hanging freely on either side of these wedges are bold orange fabric triangles that further the sunburst motif and break the colors into even more triangular forms. Hanging above the red panels, another mobile steel framework is wrapped in orange fabric and juts out to create more triangular forms and fill out the ceiling of the structure.

Contact: mtaluc (at) yahoo (dot) com

BM08 107

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